The Caloundra Hockey Club was formed in September 1973, however, the club was not named as such until March 1974 at which time the first Club Delegates were elected.  The club comprised of one women’s team who competed in one-day competition fixtures that were held at Petrie Park, Nambour.  The club uniform was green skirts, white shirts and red, white & green socks.

By 1975 training was held at Henzell Park and fixture games were being held at the Caloundra High School.   Membership fees were $2.00 for working girls and $1.50 for school students.   There was a Saturday game fee of 40 cents per player.

In 1976 a men’s team was formed to join the women and in 1977 junior teams were introduced to the competition. Bill Harrower, who was later granted the first Life Membership of the club, was elected as Club President.

In 1978 the club’s training base moved to their own field which was behind the Junior Rugby League clubhouse.  This base enhanced the club’s efforts in fostering men, women and juniors in the sport.

New uniforms were introduced in 1979 with the colours changing to black shorts/skirts, yellow shirts and black & yellow socks.  Caloundra also played host to a twilight 7-a-side competition.

In 1980, Helen Caines joined the Caloundra Hockey Club and was later to become the second Life Member.  Caloundra High School was still host to Home and Away fixtures for the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association.   Interschool Hockey Competitions were introduced with these fixtures being held at the Caloundra High School.  The Club continued to train on their own field at the Junior Rugby League.  The Currimundi juniors shared these club training facilities.

By 1981 the club had grown to consist of a men’s, women’s U16 boys & girls and 4 Primary School Age Teams.  Helen Caines had also taken on the position of Vice-President.  The Club had a strong presence in the Twilight 7-a-side competition with 6 mixed teams competing.  Semi and Preliminary Finals for the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association were held at Maroochydore (field behind the school) with the Grand Final being held at Petrie Park, Nambour.

During 1982 the Kawana Hockey Club used the Caloundra Hockey Club fields for training.   The Caloundra Club also took on the responsibility of the upkeep of ‘Field 5’ at Ballinger Park for the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association – this field is still currently used on a full time basis for Winter Fixtures.   Caloundra continued to grow and now fielded teams in men, women’s (2), U16 girls & boys and junior teams.  Landsborough showed an interest in fielding a team in the 7-a-side Twilight Competition held at Caloundra.   Junior teams also joined the competition. Unfortunately 1983 was a sad year with some dissention within the club.   Bill Harrower was running successful development sessions and games within the Caloundra area and some members/parents wanted to hold their own fixtures in Caloundra, separate to the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association who held theirs at Buderim.   Junior parents were used to local games and did not want to travel to Buderim as they considered it an inconvenience.    Unfortunately, and sadly, it saw a downturn in membership numbers and participation rates dropped.

A special meeting was held at the beginning of the 1984 season.   Women and Men teams played at Ballinger Park in the competitions fixture, whilst a unanimous decision from the U16 boys and girls parents was made to withdraw these two teams from the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association Competition. Despite this sad event, the 7-a-side competition continued.  This was a fun competition that all participants enjoyed. A Colts Hockey Competition was being held on Friday nights at the Caloundra field.

By 1985 player numbers had dropped to a point it was no longer sustainable to enter teams into the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association Competition.   The Club folded. In the later part of 1990, after 6 years without a Caloundra Hockey Club, Helen Caines instigated steps to reform the club.  Helen attended meetings with the Sunshine Coast Hockey Association in regards to the club colours.  The clubs previous uniform colours and the traditional colours for all Caloundra sporting clubs (black & gold) was disallowed.  New uniform colours had to be chosen at which time Helen decided on skyblue blue & maroon (true competitive colours).

Another problem encountered was that the club had lost their previously used Hockey field & lights – the netball association had been given permission to use the field when the club folded in 1985.  This was a huge blow as the field had been kept like a bowling green by Bill Harrower, our first Life Member.  The Junior Rugby League allowed the club to train on their fields until a suitable training venue could be found.

In 1991 the club fielded one women’s team which was sponsored by The Anchorage Motel.  The motel allowed the club to utilise their entertainment facilities as a clubhouse and presentation.   This was very social year with birthday party celebrations – heaps of fun, lots of fundraising, (flea market stalls, cake stalls, meat trays up town), and even fines for not attending training sessions – (very serious).

In 1992 the club expanded and consisted of two women’s teams.  By 1993 the club was also able to field a B Grade men’s team.   The A Grade women’s team was very competitive in 1993making it all the way into the preliminary finals – great achievement.  Our men’s team was also successive and reached the Grand Final – another great achievement. The next building process for the club was to re-establish the junior ranks, 1994 was that year.   With visits to schools and advertising the club managed to attract enough juniors to get 3 junior teams (U11’s, U13 boys & U16 boys).  It was at this time that Jackie Maynard (now Life Member) was elected to organise and look after the juniors Saturday morning needs.  The juniors trained at the Currimundi State School with the focus being on fun and learning basic skills.    After approaching Council in regards to a training venue the club was advised that there was no more land being allocated to sporting clubs, and that we should find a compatible club to share with.  In respect of this, the seniors changed their training venue to the Caloundra Rugby Union.  The men’s team was the most successful team in 1994, again playing off in the Grand Final.

1995 was a big year for the club.  After many off season meetings, and with Council approval to use the facilities and fields for training purposes until the year 2004, the club successfully amalgamated with the Caloundra Cricket Club.   The club was allocated $14,200 from council which was used to establish lighting for training purposes.   The cricket club were very supportive in the amalgamation and allowed the club to run the Cricket Club canteen throughout the summer months.  In financial terms this helped the club enormously.  In regards to on the field success our men’s A Grade team were minor premiers and won the Grand final, and our A Grade women’s team finished second and were in the Grand Final play-off.  1995 was a very successful, great fun and friendly club with good sportsmanship evident throughout the club.  The junior teams all tried very hard which has benefited them in the years that followed.   Helen Caines was awarded her club Life Membership – Life Member No. 2.

1996 saw the club field 2 women’s teams & 3 junior teams.  Unfortunately the club was unable to field a men’s team this year.  The juniors had a good year with 9 players being selected in Sunshine Coast Representative teams and 4 players chosen to play in the School District teams.

In 1997 the club fielded 2 women’s teams and 4 junior teams.  It was an exciting and successful year with Nick Davies (coach) making club history by taking the Under 16 boys team into and winning the semi-finals.  Although they did not win the Grand Final, they were the clubs first junior team to make the finals.

In 1998 Nick Davies implemented and co-ordinated the club’s Minkey/Modified program.    After two years without a men’s team the club again field an A-Grade men’s team.  This team reached the semi-finals and only missed out on a Grand Final play-off by drawing their semi-final in extra time – unfortunately for the team they were lower on the ladder an automatically missed out on progressing any further.

In 1999 the Club became incorporated and fielded women’s teams in A, B & C grade, an A grade men’s team and 4 junior teams (U/16 boys & girls, U13 girls and U/11 mixed).  It was a very successful year on the field with the Under 13 girls finishing as minor premiers and winning the Grand Final.  Our B-Grade women were also premiers, whilst our Under 16 boys ended the season as runners up.  Fundraising was full on with many events, some of which were delivering the yellow pages telephone books, pie drive, Surf to Turf officiating and a Games & Trivia night.

The 1.2 million dollar construction of the synthetic surface and clubhouse at Ballinger Park, Buderim was completed in 2000 and opened for the first season of competition.  Jackie Maynard was rewarded for her many years hard work and was awarded with a club Life Membership – Life Member No. 3.

The club for the first time fielded a full compliment of teams in 2001 – Division 1 & 2 men’s and women’s, Under 16 and Under 13 girls and boys and 2 Under 11 mixed teams.   The Division 2 men’s finished the year as Premiers.

2002 again saw the club field a full compliment of teams.  On field, three teams – Division 1 men, U16 girls and U13 boys played in the finals series.  Unfortunately none were lucky enough to take out a Premiership, however, the U16 girls came the closest – narrowly losing their Grand Final playoff.

2002 was also successful off-field for the club in that they were able to secure a $3,000 grant from Queensland Government Sport and Recreation.  This grant will be used to conduct an after-school program in early 2003.  It is envisaged that this program will encourage more junior participation in the game of hockey.  The Caloundra City Council for the third year in a row allocated a grant to the hockey club.  This years grant was for $1,500 – partly to fund the purchase of goalkeeper equipment, and partly to fund the purchase of equipment to support our after-school program.  The aim of this program is to increase our junior base and ensuring their natural progression into the senior ranks.

The Club has worked hard over the last couple of years, both on and off the field to encourage members to take a pro-active role and assist behind the scenes – both in committee/executive roles and as coaches/managers.  If the only thing we as individuals can give back from our wonderful sport – it is to pass on the same opportunity of enjoyment that we had to the next generation.  This alone, makes the effort worth it.

The Division 1 Men won the Presidents Cup in 2003 and were Runner-Up Premiers.  Division 1 Women were Runner-Up Premiers, whilst the Under 16 Girls made it to the Semi-Finals.

2004 saw the Club achieve two Premierships – Division 1 Men and U16 Girls.  Division 1 Men also won the Presidents Cup.  Division 3 Women were Minor Premiers and played in the Preliminary Final play off, whilst the U13 Boys made it through to the Semi-Finals.

2005 saw the Club achieve one Premiership – Division 3 Women; whilst the Under 13 girls were Runner-Up Premiers.

The Caloundra RSL became the clubs major sponsor in 2006, at which time they committed to three (3) years of significant funding.  The RSL Club are excited with the prospect of being involved with the club’s future and growth into the next decade.  This support is an enormous boost for the club, ensuring player recruitment and junior development can be adequately funded as part of the Caloundra Council 10 year plan to promote sport (including hockey) within its own Shire.  This would not have been possible without the RSL and their willingness to foster local community sport and activities.  The Club’s uniform was update to a modern design and material (and proudly displaying the Caloundra RSL logo), making it one of (if not) the nicest on the Sunshine Coast.  Division 1 Men were the clubs most successful team – Runner-ups for the Presidents Cup and Runner-up Premiers.

After 12-18 months of working closely with Caloundra City Council and other sporting organisations in the Caloundra Shire, the hockey club has been successful in having three (3) dedicated hockey fields included in Council’s Meridan Fields Recreation and Community Use Master Plan to be developed at Meridan Plains.  When developed, this recreation centre will become the home for Caloundra Hockey, at which time it has been proposed that the hockey club will have a shared clubhouse arrangement.  This is a major win for the club, but we will need to not only keep involved in this project, but also continue planning to develop and increase our participation number base to support our requirements.

2007 was a big year to say the least.  Having received the first round of the Caloundra RSL sponsorship the club help its first annual Sign-On Fair.  This required huge organisation and commitment from the club and was a great day with activities aimed at attracting juniors such as a jumping castle, face painting, come-and-try skill sessions, etc.  The fair was promoted well with flyers being distributed at schools and by letter-box drops.  It was a huge success with 25 new players signing up to play with the club – 18 of these being juniors.  As a direct result of the sign-on fair the club was able to field a full compliment of junior teams in the Sunshine Coast competition – something that had been proving a bit of a struggle for the last couple years.

In addition to junior teams, the club also had a full compliment of senior teams.  Of the clubs eleven teams in the competition five were successful in playing in the finals (U11’s don’t play finals, so this means we had 50% of our teams in the finals).  The Division 1 Men were President Cup Runners-Up and made it to the Semi-Finals; Division 1 & 3 Women made it to the Preliminary Finals; Division 3 Men made it to the Semi-Finals; and the U13 Girls were the Clubs most successful team making it to the Grand Final (finishing as Runner-Up Premiers).

2008 saw the clubs Minkey/Modified Program being redeveloped to fall in line with Hockey Queensland’s Hook in2 Hockey Program.  The program commences with a four-week Hook in2 Hockey Program, followed by an intra-club round-robin competition for the Under 7 and Under 9 age groups.  Although similar competitions are held elsewhere in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast does not cater for this market.  As such, the club has undertaken lengthy research incorporating the best ‘bits’ of programs already in place, as well as implementing a few new and innovative ideas of their own.  The club promoted this program to both schools and individuals; and will accept school teams or teams made up of individuals from the community.  The main aim of the program is to not only increase junior participation, but also to develop the program into a large and strong round robin competition with juniors who can feed into Caloundra teams playing in the Sunshine Coast fixtures.  In addition, it is also aimed to use the program as a coaching and umpiring development base for older juniors – that is, to have seniors coach and umpire, but buddy, teach and develop older juniors/seniors along the way.  All coaches and umpires will participate in accredited coaching and umpiring courses.   An exciting move forward for the club that we all look forward to.  It would be remiss of the club to not acknowledge the Caloundra RSL at this time – without their wonderful support this program would not be possible.

In March 2008 the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund provided $30,000 to the Caloundra Seahawks Hockey Club Inc. for the purchase of goalkeeping equipment, and senior & junior goals.  This funding will result in new goalie gear for our goalkeepers, two senior goals for training at the Caloundra Cricket Club, and four junior goals for the U7 & U9 Round Robin competition which commences on the 14th of May 2008.  The Club would like to acknowledge and thank the Caloundra RSL and Momentum Sports, Recreational & Health Consultants (who were extensive partners in this application); and Greg Richards (SCHA Regional Coaching Director), Cr Tim Dwyer and the Caloundra Cricket Club, who all provided letters of support for the club’s application.

2009 saw Caloundra field 6 senior teams and 6 Junior teams, with Div 1 Men, Div 2 Women, Div 3 Women Blue and Maroon, J1 Boys and Girls and J2 Girls all making finals play offs. We also started our annual Club camping trip, which is held at the end of each season and lots of fun is had by all.

2010 Caloundra fielded 6 senior and 6 junior teams and had 8 teams in the finals play off with the Division 2 Women’s team taking out the Premiership.

2011 was a very exciting year as after many years of hard work and planning with Caloundra City Council, the Caloundra Seahawks Hockey Club finally had their own home ground at Meridan Sports Complex, sharing the facilities with the Caloundra Soccer Club. We again had 6 Senior and 6 Junior teams in the competition, with 9 of them making the finals play offs. The J2 Girls and J3 Girls took out the Premierships for their divisions. Sadly this year we were unable to field a Division 1 Mens team. Which saw our top male players, play the season with Nambour.

2012 One of our wettest seasons yet, by June we had only been able to play 3 grass game fixture and even some of our turf matches had been affected. 2012 also saw Caloundra Hockey Club be named the biggest club on the Sunshine Coast within the association. We had 8 Senior teams and 7 Junior teams, 4 of these teams making the final’s play offs and the J3 girls taking out the Premiership again for their division. Our Division 1 Mens team was back in action and they made it through to the Semi Final play off.

2013 When we thought 2012 was wet we weren’t aware of that 2013 was going to be even WETTER! Weekly games and trainings were affected nearly every week – but as they say never curse the rain. This year was the 20th year for Caloundra Seahawks Juniors what an achievement which wouldn’t be possible without all the amazing help from coaches, managers and committee to get each and every junior out on the field each week.

This year we ran an active afterschool program through some of the local primary schools. Bronnie Johnson and a few helpers went one day a week for each term teaching the kids the basics of Hockey. This had a huge interest from the school children and was great fun for all involved. Our annual club camping trip had its 4th consecutive year this year. It’s always a great weekend away with Seahawk family and friends. In 2013 we had 5 teams make it into the finals, with J1 Girls making it to the Grand Final but sadly coming Runners Up. Better luck next year Girls.

Sadly in July we lost one of our young true Seahawks this year, Dean Maynard, heartbreakingly losing his battle with bowel cancer, having been with the club since he was a little boy and his mother Jackie being a life member of the club this was a huge loss for us all. His joy and love of hockey will never be forgotten and he will be forever missed. Our love and support are with his wife Abby and his family Jackie, Wayne and Ashleigh. Rest In Peace Deano.


2014 Unfortunately this year Caloundra Seahawks didn’t have enough players to field a Division 1 Mens side in the SCHA competition but as a result we were left with a strong Div 2 side and plenty of players in Div 3, which built great club morale for our Mens teams and hopefully next year we are able to get our Div 1 Mens side back into the SCHA competition.

This year we had 9 teams make it to the finals. J3 Girls, J2 Boys, Div 2 and 3 Men making it to the Grand Final.

We had quite a few players making national teams this season and also had a few umpires off umpiring at National level, how proud we are of all of you.

We also ran a Beefy’s Pies fundraiser this year and raised much needed funds for club. It was great fun and very yummy!