SCHA has implemented a contactless attendance register to assist with contact tracing if required by Queensland Health and is an ongoing Qld Government requirement under Stage 3 restrictions.

From today everyone entering our facility (turf and grass) will be required to ‘scan in’ by scanning the QR code with your smartphone camera which then launches the site.  📱

You will then be asked to agree to SCHA conditions of entry and complete Name, Mobile and Email and click check in.  When you leave you will also be required to “check out” which is a simple click of a button (no need to scan if you keep the site open).

Families can scan once and enter details additional members.

If your phone will not scan QR Codes check-in is available by clicking on this link which you can then save.

If you do not have a phone with you or you are unable to use the above option there are two other options:

– anybody else with a phone can scan you in

– a manual sign in/out registers will be located on top of the trophy cabinet inside the front door of the clubhouse (outside the office) and on a table outside the glass doors at northern end of the clubhouse.

There will be signs with the QR code around the facility and at the various entry points. You will only need to enter your details once and then your phone will remember your details for the next time you scan in to make it quick and easy.

The only time you are not required to check in and out is when you are participating in an official game as a player, coach, manager, umpire or technical official as your details will be recorded on the game sheets.  Any other time, including training, this process is to be followed.

If parents are dropping kids at training, please ensure you complete the check in for them before you leave and complete the check out when you pick them up.

Below is a link to the sites Frequently Asked Questions for anyone wishing to know more about how it works or where information is stored.



Scott – SCHA President