Seahawks Hockey Club Fee Policy for 2024

The Seahawks Hockey Club does not permit ANY player to take the field until fees have been paid as outlined.

We have three main objectives.

  1. Be financially responsible through balancing player fees with operating costs;

2.To ensure the club’s financial longevity; and

3.To minimise the amount of ‘money chasing’ the club has to do.

Registration and Insurances through Hockey Australia (HA), Hockey Queensland (HQ) and membership of Sunshine Coast Hockey Association (SCHA) are paid separately as outlined below. Please note that any increases in fees are to cover increases from Sunshine Coast Hockey Association and CPI.


Registration is required before you start training to ensure you are covered by insurance. Yo are not permitted to take the field until you have registered via the portal below and paid your HA, HQ & SCHA fees.

To register:

  1. If you are a returning player, follow the prompts and select ‘Renew’.

If you are a new player, you will need to select ‘Register’.

2. Fees are now displayed at National, State, Association and Club level.

3. The relevant HA, HQ & SCHA fees that are applicable to your age will automatically be pre-selected for you and must be purchased online at the time of registration.

4. You will then select Sunshine Coast Hockey Association the relevant Division or age category for the  Seahawks Hockey Club.

Please note that like last year, the Seahawks are committed to the revolutionise website to collect fees. While additional fees are payable using the revolutionise system, the club has calculated your fees with this cost in mind.

Registration links: Seahawks Hockey Club

If you have any difficulties with this process please contact the Treasurer.


Payable to Hockey Australia

Senior $57.31
Sub Senior (19-24 years old – as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $57.31
Junior (18 or under as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $45.31
Hookin2Hockey $22.81

Payable to Hockey Queensland

Seniors $94.50
Sub Senior (19 – 24 years old – as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $63.50
Juniors  (18 or under as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $45.50
Hookin2Hockey $17.00

Payable to Sunshine Coast Hockey Association 

Seniors $175.00
Sub Senior (19-20 years old – as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $125.00
U18 Boys Playing Senior (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $115.00
Juniors Age 13 – 18 Girls/17 Boys (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $100.00
Juniors Age 11 – 12  (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $75.00
Hookin2Hockey (Sunny Stars) (10 or under as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $30.00

Payable to Seahawks Hockey

Division 1 Men and Women $510.00
Division 2 Men and Women $500.00
Division 3 Men and Women $450.00
U17 Boys and U18 Girls (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $220.00*
U14 Boys and Girls (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $150.00*
U12 Boys and Girls (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive) $80.00
U8 / U10 Boys and Girls – Sunny Stars (as at 31/12/2024 inclusive)

*Juniors playing regular games in the senior competition will be charged and additional $100 Seahawks fee. Pease contact the relevant Vice President for more information or confirmation.



The 2024 season starts in March. All payments must be finalised by July unless arrangements are made with the Treasurer. Any player who has outstanding fees after the due date without an arrangement entered into will not be able to take the field.

Starting the season

1. Before you train, register with Hockey QLD and pay Registration, Insurance & SCHA Membership Fee.

2.Finalise your club fees before you play or pay a deposit on revolutionise.

3.Finalise your club fees by 30th June or make prior payment arrangement with the Treasurer.

All those who do not have an arrangement and have not finalised fees do not take the field after 1st July.


The Seahawks have opted to use the revolutionise platform to order and complete sales of uniforms.

While we will be providing playing tops in 2024, players will still be expected to purchase their own socks and shorts/skirts/skorts.

To review the range of uniform items on offer, as well as our range of supporters apparel, click on the following link

Please also go to – Merchandise/Uniform – Seahawks Hockey for further information on uniform items and the purchasing process.

Fee Refunds:

Refunds on fees will only be given under extreme circumstances. Any member wishing to apply for a refund on fees must apply in writing to the Club Secretary, outlining the circumstances of the request. The request will be discussed, and a decision made at the Club committee meeting immediately following receipt of the application.

Not all fees have any refundable amount, i.e. HQ Registration, HQ Insurance and the SCHA Affiliation are payable in full to HQ and SCHA regardless of whether a player plays one game or a full season. Other fees may be refunded in pro-rata portions subject to committee approval.