Uniform Orders/Enquiries

Seahawks are introducing a new playing top during the 2021 season. Once these are available, playing tops will be provided to each team by the club. However players will still be expected to purchase their own socks and shorts/skirts/skorts. To review the range of uniform items on offer, as well as our range of supporters apparel, caps, hoodies and stubbie coolers, click on the following link.

All items are to be purchased via the Revolutionise shop. If an item is not listed, or the requested size is not listed, then it is not in stock.

Purchased items will be available for collection at the next scheduled training session – please order at least 24 hours before the training day.

Any different arrangements are to be coordinated with your team manager.

For enquiries regarding making a purchase or regarding an item or size that is out of stock, please email treasurer@caloundrahockey.com.au

Size Charts

Singlets & Shorts



A Tale of Two Colours

The history of our club colours as we see them today is quite amusing – prior to this our club colours started as Green and White (1973) then changed to Black and Gold (1979) then changing to the Blue and Maroon in (1990) – at the time of deciding on the new colours for our wonderful club we had (and still do have) true blue NSW supporters and mighty maroon QLD supporters that not only have a love for hockey but for sport in general. So, with the fun and banter that comes with Origin time in our club, what better way to please both sides of the rivalry then to play in both blue and maroon and becoming one united front. We wear our blue and maroon playing uniform with pride, it is comfortable and suitable for all shapes and sizes. We also have a large range of optional extras.

Item Cost
Playing Skirt (Female) $38.50
Playing Shorts (Male) $35.50
Socks (Kukuri) $15.00
Optional Items
Mini Bike Shorts (Female) $41.50
Beanies / Unisex – Maroon $15.00
Cotton Drill Cap $20.00
Sun Visor $12.00
Stubby Cooler $7.00
Dress Shirt (Male/Female) $41.50
Sports Bag – Maroon $35.00
Hoodie (Zip & Pockets) or (Pouch Pocket – No Zip) – Sky Blue $35.00
Sweater/Jacket (No Hood) Full Zip – Maroon $50.00
Sweater/Hoodie Full Zip – Maroon $50.00
Long Pants Drizzle Proof (zip to knee) – Maroon $40.00