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Caloundra Seahawks values its Juniors very highly – these little people are the future of our sports and nation! It is our goal to ensure they have a great start, not only to hockey but all sports and life. Building great foundations for working in a team, respect for self and others, a realisation of commitment and building lifelong friendships is what our club endeavours to do.

The junior competition is fielded in the ‘J’ system as opposed to U11, U13, U16 divisions, this being the teams are made up based on skill level not just age. For example, if your child is under 16 years old and new to the sport, then they would start in the J2 Division with others of the same ability. Also working in the other favour that if you are 14 but playing at a high standard of hockey you’d be placed in J1 Division. This is to create a welcoming and non-confronting approach to trying a new sport for the very first time. It also promotes equality and fairness throughout the junior teams and ensures there is a healthy competition for all junior divisions.

J1 & J2: Ages 12 -17 these teams are skill based

J3: Ages 10-12 these teams are age based.

If the only thing we as individuals can give back from our wonderful sport – it is to pass on the same opportunity of enjoyment that we had to the next generation.  This alone, makes the effort worth it.  

Junior Vice President: Bronnie Johnson 0417 557 352.

Team Position Name Phone
J1 Boys Coach     
J1 Girls Coach Peter Ries  0421 975 730
  Manager  Ross Stewart  
J2 Boys  Coach     
J2 Girls  Coach  Chrissie Norton  0427 287 597
  Manager Jodi Lawson 0413 476 246 
J3 Boys Coach  Jenny Walsh  0401 233 759 
  Manager  Jenny Baskerville 0437 114 974 
J3 Girls  Coach  Peta Lazarides 0429 837 979
  Manager  Jenny Melrose 0408 419 742
CONGRATULATIONS Div 3 Men! 2018 Premiers!!!!!