Hook into Hockey provides an inviting fun environment in which children can discover and enjoy the skills of the great international sport of hockey.

The underlying philosopy is consistent with the growing enlightened attitude that organised sport has far reaching benefits when it is structured to meet the needs of children. Hook into Hockey is designed to:

  • Increase levels of physical fitness and well-being
  • Provide a sense of achievement through the progressive acquisition of skills;
  • Encourage and teach healthy attitudes to desirable codes of behaviour through co-operating and competing with opponents;
  • Provide an appreciation of the fun, satisfaction and relaxation that can be derived from physical activity; and
  • Provide a positive attitude to more active energetic lifestyles.
  • Rough and dangerous play is banned and body contact discouraged by coaching players to adopt safe correct techniques.

Hook in2 Hockey is a Hockey Australia branded program designed for young boys and girls. It is a skills-based program which is tailored accordingly to suit players of any age or skill level. As skills are taught and developed, participants become involved in modified games.  There are often carnival opportunities later in the season for our players to play with children from other Hook in2 Hockey programs.  Our program prepares players for participation in regular club competition in later years.

For an overview and registration of Hockey Australia’s program click here.  For returning participants, there is no need to purchase a participation pack.

This year at Caloundra Hockey Club, our Hook in2 Hockey program begins in April and runs through until mid-September.  The program follows the school term dates. We cater for children from 5 to 12 years of age.

The Term 2 Program will be held on Friday afternoons at Meridan Sports Complex from 4pm – 5pm, commencing 23 April 2021. Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather: shorts/skirt if it is hot; tracksuit if it is cold. Runners are suitable footwear. We highly recommend that you purchase a mouth guard for your child, they are available from sports shops or chemists.

The Term 3 Program will continue to develop players skills while focussing on fostering game sense.  The implementation of this Program will be confirmed later in the year.

Cancellations – we will play whenever the field is considered safe. After a couple of days of heavy rain we may need to cancel training or games due to the grounds being unsafe, even if it is not raining on the day. Parents will be notified by email and the club Facebook page should there be a need to cancel a session.

Questions: contact Jan Savage: 0409 434 782