Codes of behaviour set out the expectations and standards of behaviour required by an organisation and help to define ethical and unethical conduct. They provide a straightforward guide to assist athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and spectators to conduct themselves appropriately and ensure sport is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Club’s Code of Conduct for Players is:

  • Players are expected to participate in the true spirit of sportsmanship.  Continual dissent will not be tolerated and if necessary will be dealt with at a Club level.
  • Players are to agree to any request made to them by the Manager or Coach whilst on or off the field.
  • Players are to display respect for Coaches, Managers, Umpires, Team Mates and the opposing teams at all times.
  • Players are to be in the correct uniform before taking the field.
  • Players are to pay fees in full by the due date as advised.  In cases of financial difficulty, consideration may be given to an extended payment plan.  A player will not be allowed to take the field until they have paid some of their fees (enough to cover Hockey Queensland and Sunshine Coast Hockey Association fees).
  • Players are to notify the Coach or Manager if they are unable to attend training or a game.
  • Players are to return any Club equipment at the end of the season.
  • Players are to uphold the good name of Caloundra Seahawks Hockey Club at all times.
  • Players are to abide by SCHA rules and turf rules, which include:  No dogs, no bringing of alcohol into the grounds (buy only at bar), no glass.
  • Players experiencing any grievances should direct them to the Manager in the first instance.  If this is unsuccessful, they should then contact the respective Vice President or Club President.  Gossip is energy wasting and won’t be tolerated.
  • Players are prohibited from taking drugs or consuming alcohol before playing a game of hockey.
  • Players should remember to always have fun.