Codes of behaviour set out the expectations and standards of behaviour required by an organisation and help to define ethical and unethical conduct. They provide a straightforward guide to assist athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and spectators to conduct themselves appropriately and ensure sport is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Club’s Code of Conduct for Managers is:

  • The Manager will ensure that all players are registered correctly before taking the field. If not, the Manager will fill out the necessary forms provided in the Managers folders and hand to the Club Registrar.
  • The Manager will ensure that all players are in full uniform before taking the field. (Please ensure that all jewellery is removed when playing on the Turf.)
  • The Manager will fill out and check that the card has been filled out correctly and then hand to the Captain (prior to commencement of the game).
  • The Manager will fill out an Injury Report Form, provided in the Managers folder or from SCHA office. Injuries that occur at training or at a game must be reported. Once the form has been completed it should then be handed to the Club Secretary.
  • The Manager and Coach will work together to ensure that players are adhering to their code of conduct, and also having fun.